Tufan Moussavi is an International Entrepreneur, Independent Consultant and Advisor.

Born in Iran, has travelled through Turkey, Romania and Yugoslavia to reach Italy where he settled at young age with is family. Raised between Italy, South of France, and Canada, where he completed his studies in Toronto.

Back in Europe he lived in Stuttgart for a short period then Paris, London, Barcelona and Monte Carlo to expand his knowledge of the languages and other cultures since very young age.

He receives an honorary diploma in Egypt from President Mubarak Hosni for his activities in healthcare and education, promoting his clients to invest in constructions of schools and hospitals working with Zakaria Azmy, chief of the cabinet of the President.

A philanthropist and active volunteer, during the pandemic, he worked along to provide care and shelter for those affected, together with the Red Cross for emergency missions in Italy and France, one of the most affected areas in the World.

Tufan stepped foot in Dubai in 2006 and simply felt in love with the beauty of this Great Nation and it’s achievements, today, 15 years later these emotions have not changed, he is still a resident, living and working there.

At first selling commodities like cement and hot rolled steel, then working for Accenture Investments, owned by Mohammed Al Habtoor CEO and Vice President of Al Habtoor Group, active philanthropist, also involved in Hospitality, Educational, Automotive: Bugatti, Bentley, Mc Laren and other brands, Real Estate, Publishing and founder of Habtoor Polo Team the resorts and private villas, and several venues and restaurants all across Dubai and the World.

Back in Italy he worked in Telecom for all the major companies such as TIM, Vodafone, H3G and WIND for almost a decade in the division dedicated to corporates and business owners, between Genova, Milan, Turin, Verona and Rome.

Today he is owner and partner of several companies in several fields:

  • Automotive for “Viotti” and “Maggiora Group” from Turin, Italy, that hold the brand Willys, supported by
  • FD Group (Fast Design) from Bologna, Italy, specialized in creation and production of concepts and parts.
  • Constructions, with “Aqva group” in Dubai, France and Italy.
  • Real Estate with “Stones” in Dubai.
  • Healthcare, a family business since 1983, the medical clinic Imperia Medica s.r.l. based in Italy, recently handed over to Bianalisi S.P.A. from Carate Brianza, Milan a leader in the segment.
  • Financial advisory for Shack International with offices in Seychelles and Bangkok.
  • Consultancy for private Investors across the world.

About the latest project ” Sabbia “

“Sabbia” was founded to provide corporate services for highly skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, families and individuals, creating opportunities that are in line with the vision of the Nation among the power of our International Network.

“We take pride in helping our clients sit back and relax, confident that all their expectations are succeeded.”

Our team of highly skilled professionals and our support staff take a noble satisfaction and incomparable service for each client, so that banking, legal advisory, transportation, real estate, healthcare can be handled by a single company that knows the client, and understands perfectly the requests with our specialists in each sector.

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